Do you know a reputable hearing aid dealer in the Philadelphia, PA area?

Question by rukidding: Do you know a reputable hearing aid dealer in the Philadelphia, PA area?
My dad is looking for new hearing aids but he wants someone who will do the job right rather than just for the money.
Thanks! You’ve been great helps!

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Answer by Lisa M
there’s a good one in Bristol. link below

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  1. ZCT says:

    Audibel is a great company. They sell an excellent hearing aid and currently have the most advanced hearing aids in the world. They fitted four US Presidents.

    As to the dealers, you have to be very good to become an Audibel dealership, there are strict standards. But at the end of the day you have to meet with the hearing professional and decide if the person is someone you trust to take care of you. Ask about their experience, their service, their trial period and names of satisfied users. Ask to try a system before you buy, a good hearing professional will have test aids they can program to match your father’s loss so he can hear through them before he decides to buy. Also ask about the new Virtue system which is amazing.

  2. Kiesha C says:

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  3. hearkat says:

    I’m an Audiologist in Cherry Hill and Willingboro, NJ

    I’m with a group of Ear, Nose an Throat doctors who have a strong patient base in the Southern NJ and metro Philladelphia region. As such, there is not a lot of pressure to “sell” hearing aids, and we’ve developed a fairly flexible trial policy. I previously worked for a private practice where hearing aid sales were the primary income, and so the pressure was high to sell the aids and get the patient to keep them. Where I am now, our goal is for you to keep them — but only because you’re really benefitting from them!

    We would have you come in for a complete Audiologic Evaluation, and an Otologic consultation if you think your father needs his ears cleaned or he has a history of ear problems in addition to hearing loss. Those are billed to the insurance (and we take most plans). Then we’d spend an hour for a hearing aid evaluation to discuss what your father’s options are, demonstrate new technology, and how we can improve on what he’s currently wearing. There is no fee for that visit, and no obligation to place an order.

    Click on my name and then “Contact Hearkat” to send me an email and I’ll give you my office number if you want to come across the river.

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