Do I need to take a class before getting my permit?

Question by Tsira: Do I need to take a class before getting my permit?
Hi, I’m 16 years old, living in the state of California.

I want to obtain an instructional permit so I can start practicing how to drive. I’ve heard from some people that you have to take a class or something before DMV will allow you to take the written test while others have said you don’t need to take a course and, instead, just study the material.

I’ve also heard that there are free online courses that I can take and which DMV approves.

Which of these is true? I’d rather not take a course, or take an online one if I have to, instead of having to physically attend driving courses.

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Answer by who cares
it varies from state to state. if you want the right information then just go to the DMV office and talk to them about it. most states require you to take a class and have a certain number of hours of behind the wheel training by and instructor.

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