Diss-co 2000: Ride say shoegaze has aged better than Britpop, 'which has dated

Diss-co 2000: Ride say shoegaze has aged better than Britpop, 'which has dated
… because all the bands were quite boring. We weren't the biggest personalities and egos, which is difficult for the media, I know, but the substance of the music has really stood the test of time.” … When Ride broke up I didn't feel like people …
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CAF to decide Starlets' fate on Wednesday
He said as far as the GFA was concerned, the case was due for hearing on Wednesday and that the FA had not received any correspondence from CAF to the contrary. … He was at a loss as to where those speculations regarding Ghana's ban were coming from …
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TV sound system creates a loud spot in the room for people with hearing loss
Simón's system is designed to compensate for the hearing loss typically experienced by 70 year-old individuals. It consists … Non-deaf test subjects who were seated nearby but not in the hot spot, meanwhile, heard the same speech at a comfortable volume.
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Muscle relaxant may be viable treatment for Wolfram syndrome—rare form of
The syndrome also causes hearing loss, vision problems and difficulty with balance. … "We'd like to test the drug first in adult patients with Wolfram syndrome, and if we get positive results, we could extend the trial to children," he said …
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