Did your baby refer (fail) hospital hearing screening?

Question by catiesd: Did your baby refer (fail) hospital hearing screening?
Our newborn son born 3/26 did not pass his first hearing screen in his right ear only. He did not pass the OAE test getting 3 out of 5 and then referred on the more sensitive ABR test as well. I’ll add he was induced a few days before my due date and came out like a rocket so he was full of fluid and spitting up for 2 days. His APGAR scores were 9 and 9 and he is healthy as a horse. My other 2 girls had no issues passing and we have no family history of hearing loss.

I am praying it is just fluid or debris, ambient noise, or his own movement/awakening. I hear that 90% of babies pass with the 2nd more involved test at the audiology clinic. He is going in April 8 for this test.

Anyone have reassuring words? My stomach is in knots. Thanks.

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Answer by Speed Demon
i have not dealt with hearing loss from birth, but my daughter had a hearing loss in both ears at 8 mos due to chemo as an infant, and I just wanted to let you know, IF he happened to have the hearing loss and fail his second test it isnt really that bad, they have so many things to help kids these days, my daughter had hearing aids at 13 mos, got to pick out colors for them, and she is 4 now and talks up a storm and has no issues with them… so just wanted to add if it turned out he did have a hearing loss, it will be ok and its good that it is found out now so that if he was to need a hearing aid or anything they can help him as an infant so he doesnt get a speech delay 🙂

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  1. makswf says:

    my daughter failed the hearing test in her right ear.
    nothing was wrong…..she had another test done at 1 month old and she passed…so who really knows why they fail
    shes three now and she is just fine!

  2. Happy Happy Momma says:

    I know how you feel… I am waiting to have another test done in our baby girl as well. She failed on one side.

    All I can think about is how thankful I am that they do these tests now and how if we didn’t know, our babies could have a learning disability that we didn’t know about. If the tests do come out that our babies have a problem in one of their ears, we can do whatever it takes to help them, and be more understanding of their learning processes.

    Best of luck to your little one!

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