Did monkeys really start the aids epidemic with humans?

Question by …: Did monkeys really start the aids epidemic with humans?
I heard this earlier today; is it true?

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Answer by Joe

This is big lie that was invented to take focus away from the homosexual perverts who are the ACTUAL ones who started it, who continue to spread it the most, even though it has now advanced itself into the innocent general population as well.

Liberals and advocates of The Homosexual Agenda invented this Monkey Story, which is similar to the evolution Monkey Story, and the liberals have a Monkey Story to explain everything ridiculous, sick and rotten!

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2 Responses to “Did monkeys really start the aids epidemic with humans?”

  1. LADY says:

    Actually, The AIDS epidemic was started by a narcissistic homophobe on Y&A named ‘JOE’.

  2. Amaretta says:

    African hunters will sometimes kill and eat monkeys; it’s known as “bush meat.” Researchers believe that Africans who ate infected monkeys contracted the HIV virus that way. The virus was then spread from person to person. It didn’t spread widely until it reached the male homosexual population in the U.S. One early patient, dubbed Patient Zero, was a highly promiscuous Canadian flight attendant who traveled throughout the U.S. and internationally on his job. He helped infect numerous others, but there was a lot of promiscuous activity back then because no one knew about the dangers of AIDS. There were clusters of illness among the gay population in various locations, but it wasn’t until the doctors treating those patients began communicating with one another that they realized they were dealing with a new epidemic. Today, clusters of illness like that are identified far more quickly by the CDC than they were back then.

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