Cumberland Playhouse celebrates 50 years

Cumberland Playhouse celebrates 50 years
The improvements have included everything from better lighting to digital projections that were recently showcased in “Wizard of Oz” where they created a moving tornado, made a barn “explode” and wrote “Surrender Dorothy” across the sky of the set …
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Hearing Aids Market Is Anticipated to Grow to 40.5 Million by 2020: Grand
Digital hearing aid technology held the largest share of the technology market in 2013 at over 90.0% in 2013 majorly owing to its relatively higher efficiency and its ability to enable the use of technological advancements such as wireless and …
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The positive to report is that today's digital hearing aid solutions can provide the sound stimulation required by the brain to re-train the normal organization of connections to its “sound center” to better react to the sounds that have been …
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Forgiveness of Charleston church shooter prompts discussion
"It's almost like white America is telling us, 'Help us to forget the past by telling us that you forgive us,'" said Raymond Winbush, director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University in Baltimore. Just one day after the June 17 …
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