Cordless Barcode Scanners?

Question by padmalotusflower: Cordless Barcode Scanners?
I have about a little over 300 book titles that need to be inventoried etc. The books are no where near the computer and I’m looking for a barcode scanner that will store the information and allow me to enter info like author, publisher, year etc – then connect to PC and transfer the info. I know they exist but, I’m looking for recommendations and experiences from others to help aid in choosing a brand or type. I’m not looking to go over $ 200 but, that depends on what I hear and find.

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Answer by lolzor
I use the Opticon OPN 2001

Its a great little unit.

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  1. Kasey C says:

    You’re in luck. The Symbol CS1504 is under $ 100

    The Opticon the other guy mentioned is about the same price:

    Only these two are in your price range. Others are way above.

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