Consult pros for hearing aid purchase

I need to buy new hearing aids, and I don’t want the process (or the product) to suck.
Buy Hearing Aids
Image by katerw… Seriously. That is my simple wish.As anyone who has investigated buying hearing aids can attest, the process of buying hearing aids ranks up there with buying a car on the list of annoying & confusing consumer buying experiences.I spent the better part of my final year in business school investigati …

Consult pros for hearing aid purchase
Recently I have been barraged with junk mail from hearing aid companies that have these fantastic offers. I phoned a couple of the places just to see what training their “specialists” have. I was not surprised to learn they are mostly company trained …
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Borrowed Hearing Aid Opens New World to Teenager
… 30 percent hearing in one ear, and the Lexington School lent him a hearing aid. But at the end of each day, he must leave the device behind. It opens up the possibility that Vladimir could begin to speak. Mr. Gongora wants desperately to buy one …
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Bill calls for Ga. insurance companies to cover hearing aids
"We get calls every day from parents, either delaying getting hearing aids for their children or getting only one when they need two, and they're really struggling to make ends meet," she said. State Rep. Ed Lindsey is sponsoring a bill this year to …
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