Conn. PD to Hire Cops With Hearing Aids

Conn. PD to Hire Cops With Hearing Aids
Mirci pointed that out to one spectacle-wearing city staffer when he learned his hearing aids were an issue. "I said, 'I don't understand how you get me out on a hearing problem,' " Mirci recalled. "If we were in pursuit of a suspect, my aid falls out …

The hearing aid hacked to hear wi-fi
Wearable technology is most often associated with smartwatches and smart glasses, but one man in the UK has hacked his own hearing aid to tune in to the sounds of nearby wi-fi networks. Frank Swain, the co-founder of Phantom Terrains, uses a …
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The FDA Should Make Way For Better Hearing
Consumers want hearing-improvement options similar to the low-cost reading glasses that are now available to those with mild sight impairments. Unlike traditional hearing aids, which are costly, PSAPs offer consumers an entry point at about ten percent …
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