Conflict in Ukraine

Conflict in Ukraine
During his recent nomination hearing, Mr Obama's new defence secretary, Ash Carter, also suggested that he too favoured sending the Ukrainians weapons, although he has since snapped back behind the president's more cagey approach. A range of … These …
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NXP Semiconductors (NXPI), Sonova Develop Next-Gen Hearing Instrument
Besides its application in hearing instruments, the NFMI technology provides unique features for robust wireless earbuds applications and sensor networks in and around the body. Both ICs run from a battery voltage down to 1V, and will consume around …

An instant-charging nanobattery makes this hearing aid smaller than a coffee bean
When you do need to give it some more juice, it'll happen instantaneously. Yep, no waiting at all. Recharging could potentially be even quicker than changing over a regular hearing aid battery. Designed by US Photonics, the nanobattery generates no …
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