Completely in the ear canal cochlear implant?

Question by : Completely in the ear canal cochlear implant?
Currently, the cochlear implant speech processors are huge and as conspicuous as the world’s largest hearing aid. I blame it on the four to six hearing programs crammed and jammed into the speech processor, which makes it tremendously enormous in order to store all of that data.

A normal hearing person only has one hearing program!

Could the cochlear implant companies drop the four to six hearing programs to one? Then, the speech processor would definitely be as small as the 100 percent invisible Lyric hearing device that completely goes in the ear canal.

A slight change in the design of the transmitter and the location of the internal receiver (ideally, ontop of the ear canal) is what’s necessary for a completely in the ear canal cochlear implant. Could the Cochlear companies please stop releasing huge Behind-the ear products with four to six hearing programs every other five years, and for once do a good job by releasing a 100 percent invisible completely in the ear canal cochlear implant with one hearing program?

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Answer by Ruin Takada
I think you should give the companies/manufacturers time to figure it out for themselves if they haven’t already – they can only understand one request at a time, and small ones at that. I think they designed the first ones to be on the surface so that they could be easily-tuned, since they didn’t know how long they could last then, or even if they could be safely given a life-time guarantee.

To be honest, of what I know of them I learnt from The Right Honourable Professor, The Lord Robert Winston in his documentary Super Human, so for all I know, they could have changed by then. However, I think you may have to give them time, or else alert them of this yourself. I don’t know how to get in contact with them, but if there’s a company manufacturing them, you should be able to get in contact.

I hope this helps.
Ruin Takada XXX

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  1. Melissa says:

    The Cochlear N5 processor and the Med El processor are actually very slim and not that large. However, the problem is not the processor. It’s the amount of battery power required to power the processor. The top part of the N5 processor, which is about 1/3 of the total length, is the processor. The rest of it is battery. It’s battery technology that has to advance as CI processors require a great deal more power than hearing aids.

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