Column: hearing aids evolve in the age of apps

Column: hearing aids evolve in the age of apps
The other big evolution in hearing aids — whether they're worn inside or over the ear — is wireless connectivity. Bluetooth devices have gotten smaller and the technology now fits in the hearing aid itself instead of in an external streaming box that …
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Tinnitus: Case Challenges
He believed that his hearing may have slightly worsened during the past 3 years as well, but was unsure. … Otoscopy revealed normal external auditory canals and clear tympanic membranes with normal mobility on pneumatic insufflation. His facial nerve …
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How I Fixed My Creative Process in 4 Simple Steps
Rather than abiding by my usual system, I act in the moment; I do whatever I believe will aid my process at that time. … “What I'm hearing is that overall you're quite systematic. You're really … This will give you an external perspective to …
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