Cochlear Implant information?

Question by Matthew: Cochlear Implant information?
Is the Totally Implantable Cochlear Implant going to happen in 2013? In commercial availability?

Lou Ferrigno got the Totally Implantable Envoy.

Why is the Totally Implantable Cochlear Implant taking millions, billions, trillions, and quadrillions of years?

That is it. Why don’t all normal-hearing people who have perfect hearing wear bulky hearing aids for the rest of their lives. No more totally implantable normal hearing for them. Anybody disagree?

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Answer by X
I hope science can help the deaf and blind to get these senses.

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  1. The Comedian says:

    I know how you feel.

    I am currently using the N5 which works wonders with sound filtering and so forth. I heard that Advance Bionics created a waterproof ear. Technology is certainly getting better.
    I guess they are just waiting to ensure that it does not fail after implantation. Because some of the internal implant components do fail after a couple of years and there has been some recalls within the various corporations.
    But I am looking forward to potentially getting one when my internal implant fails.

    Keep our fingers crossed!

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