City Settles Suit Over Police Officers Using Hearing Aids

City Settles Suit Over Police Officers Using Hearing Aids
The city, they said, also agreed to review its hearing aid policy and evaluate officers on a case-by-case basis while wearing hearing aids. All officers currently using aids can to continue to do so until the policy review is completed. The plaintiffs …
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11 reasons to care about the Rules of Conduct
It's unclear whether taking pictures of or publicizing rule-breaking demonstrations could constitute direct aid in violation of the rules. … Procedural choices: While being charged with a serious violation offers respondents the choice between Dean's …
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Brittany Maynard's family shows posthumous video supporting California aid-in
Her video was released Wednesday, hours ahead of a Senate health committee hearing on a bill that would make it legal for terminally ill California patients to kill themselves with life-ending drugs. Maynard's mother, Deborah Ziegler, says her daughter …
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Prosecutors: Both brothers fired shots that killed Officer Wilson
Law enforcement officials have evidence that both Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams fired fatal shots in the murder of Officer Robert Wilson III, prosecutors said Wednesday, adding that they are weighing whether to seek the death penalty in the case. A …

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