Cheapest Hearing Aid Replacement?

Question by : Cheapest Hearing Aid Replacement?
I recently broke my hearing aids and I can’t afford to get them fixed right now. Long story short, I put them in my pocket, went to bed, got up the next day and stepped on the pants they were in. In order to work with others, it is best if I can hear them. So, my question is, what is the cheapest alternative that I can attach the custom ear molds from my broken hearing aids to while I save up for the repairs?

NOTE: The ear molds are from a hearing aid that goes behind the ear. The replacement should go behind the ear as well.
For a temporary replacement, I was thinking of something along the lines of a simple amplifier I can buy for about $ 10-20.

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Answer by Sandy Miller
You have a few options:

(a) The cheapest price for hearing aids is through the internet ( Online hearing aids clinics like can help). Buying over the internet is easy and there’s no sales pressure.

(b) Go for an Analogue hearing aid. Modern hearing aids are all digital, but some companies still make analogue devices, and can be very cheap.

(c) Some hearing clinics have many “spare” hearing aids in their draw as a result of returned products, “loaners” etc. It may be worthwhile just asking a hearing aid clinic for a freebie until you can save for your next new device.

Your lucky that you still have your old mold, as this will make getting a loan device easier.

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