Captioned Phones Help Those With Hearing Loss Stay Connected

man with hearing aid behind telephone pole
Hearing Aid Telephone
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Captioned Phones Help Those With Hearing Loss Stay Connected
"It was difficult to have a simple conversation with my two daughters over the phone." While hearing aids do an "excellent job of helping people meet many of their communication needs," sometimes more is needed," adds Dr. Sergei Kochkin, a board member …
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Military jury convicts soldier in Fort Hood shooting rampage
After the hearing, relatives of the dead and wounded fought back tears. Some smiled and warmly patted each … "This is so emotional," she said in a telephone interview from Lacey, Wash., where she and her husband live. "I've just been crying since we …
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Fort Hood shooter convicted; local survivor 'ecstatic' at verdict
17 for the court proceedings. In a telephone interview Friday, she said family members still await closure to have the chance to read impact statements in court about how the killings of their loved ones affected their lives. She anticipated that will …
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