Can tty impair non supported devices?

Question by overtak3n: Can tty impair non supported devices?
what is tty full, tty + hear, and tty + talk? And can they impair a non supported tty device? what if you enable it and call normally without using a wire to connect it to the phone? Can it impair it that way? Or is it only if you connect it by wire? I have widex senso diva full ear hearing aids. So I’m wondering.
How does TTY by keyboard work though is it the deaf people using it or the speakers?

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Answer by 8162008
a TTY is a teletypwriter. So you use a keyboard and type what you want to say to other person. This is for people who are deaf and cannot talk on the phone they type instead. There are no wires to connect to your hearing aid. It will not damage your hearing aid no matter what type.

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