Can someone who is hard of hearing teach English?

Question by Stephanie: Can someone who is hard of hearing teach English?
One of my dreams is to English in another country. One problem, I have high frequency hearing loss. :/ I don’t wear hearing aids but I do have to ask people to repeat themselves from time to time. Is it possible for me to teach English with my not-so-perfect hearing? Or would I just be harming my student’s chances at mastering the English language?

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Answer by IAN
Hi Stephanie

If you know that you jave a hearing loss and it causes a problem please think seriously about giving hearing aids a try. I’ve had a hearing loss (mild to moderately severe) for a few years now and I started wearing hearing aids about 18 months ago and wow! What a difference they have made to my life. My life at work is so much easier, my social life has taken off again an my life at home with my partner is so much better, and all because I decided I wanted to see what hearing aids could do for me..

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