Can someone please help an Android phone noob out with his battery life?

Question by : Can someone please help an Android phone noob out with his battery life?
Okay, so I recently got hold of a Samsung Nexus S device. It is running the stock version of Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.
So far the phone has been good. It does lag a bit from time to time however, my primary concern is the battery life. It seems to be quite abysmal compared to what I’ve heard about other people and their smartphones.

My phone says its been running from fully charged state for 12hrs and is on 19% battery. I’m not a heavy phone user so I’m wondering what’s going on. I’ve made 23 mins worth of calls, played games for less than 10 mins and sent and received some SMS via the native app and What’s App. The rest of the time the phone is in sleep and sometimes when I wake it up an hour or 2 later, 10% of battery ( or more) has been lost. I also have screen brightness to Auto instead of full blast.

What’s up with that? I read online that some people manage to get great battery life and are able to surf the web and listening to tons of music. I’m weary of doing any of that because I fear the battery will deplete before I get home. Apps like facebook and hotmail I’ve set not to send out notifications and to manually refresh. I installed an app called Juice Defender to aid me but not to sure about the results.

According to setting>battery it says the top 5 battery suckers are:
Screen (42% ) , Voice calls (13%) , Android System (10%), Cell Standby (8%), Android OS (7%)

I’ve heard that custom roms and kernels give better batter life but I’m not too sure which ones are reputable and would work with a Nexus S I9020XXKI1.

Please, can you guide me on getting long battery life?
I also don’t know how to switch to a custom rom and kernel

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Answer by Delight
install juice defender. lower screen brightness. kill applications which constantly use an internet connection in the background. lower screen brightness.

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  1. Peter says:

    android phone battery sucks. you should switch to iphone. The battery life lasts a lot longer!
    you can try turning off your 3G when you are not using your phone to help you save battery.

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