can i take my written driving test online?

Question by K<3C: can i take my written driving test online?
i’ve heard many people talk about taking their written test online. how can I do that? i live in the bay area. (California) for those who dont know were the bay is at.

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Answer by Jake
nope, there’s a practice test online. you gotta take your test at the dmv

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2 Responses to “can i take my written driving test online?”

  1. Anony Moose says:

    “online” at the dmv

    they’re not going to let you do it at home where you can cheat so easily. if you’re not smart enough to figure that out, I don’t think you should be driving a motor vehicle on public roads. please print your question and my answer and show it to the officials at the dmv.

    for those who don’t know where “the bay” is? hmm, i’m aware of the bay area in CA, but it’s a bit arrogant to assume CA has THE bay

  2. Dec says:

    No you have to take it at the dmv.

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