Can anyone recommend a good brand of hearing aids?

Question by pattypat999: Can anyone recommend a good brand of hearing aids?
I am in the progress of buying my third pair and they are very expensive?

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Check out Century Hearing Aids. The quality is great and they are very cheap compared to buying through the audiologist. Audiologists are a huge ripoff.

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  1. ZCT says:

    I personally believe that Starkey ( make the best hearing aids. I have worked with their aids since 1994 and had great success with them as a hearing professional. They are also the largest hearing aid company in America and as such spend a lot of money on R&D ensuring some pretty impressive technology. Some of their features are simply not available from other companies.

    However, that’s not to say that some of the European brands don’t have reasonable offerings. Oticon, ReSound, Phonak and Siemens are some other major players. But if I were buying for me, I’d go Starkey.

    *** Note that the comment that audiologists are huge rip off is a disgusting slight on an entire professional group. Their fees are in line with other medical field professionals in this country. I once saw a doctor charge $ 450 to look at an x-ray and say that he was not willing to attempt treatment. I’m not going to conclude that all physicians are therefore rip off artists.

    Hearing aids tend to be expensive because most times they are bundled with the services. So you are not paying a high price for a piece of plastic, you are paying a portion of the R&D bill, marketing costs, running a clinic, and all future service visits. Many hearing professionals do not charge for office visits. So it is not uncommon for a $ 2000 hearing aid to last ten years. During that time a patient might have ten annual check ups, twenty clean and service visits, reprogramming, and other free services. Clearly these free services are not free, and the price has to be included in the purchase price.

    Americans have clearly shown a lack of seriousness at pushing for socialized medicine, so private clinics dispensing private aids have to cover their costs. If audiologists were ripping people off, they would all have fancy cars and huge houses, and that’s simply not the case. In fact according to the average salary for an audiologist is around $ 65K, which is not a lot for someone who could easily have done eight years of school to hold that position.

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