Can anyone give me input on the Phonak iLink BTE hearing aid?

Question by chuckdogg80: Can anyone give me input on the Phonak iLink BTE hearing aid?
We recently discovered that my 5 year old son needs hearing aids in both ears. the audiologist has recommended the Phonak iLink, since it has a built in FM system that can be used in the classroom at school. Has/does anyone out there use this, and if so, what are your experiences?

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Answer by melloyellolab2000
You may want to check with the school before you do this. Most school programs have their systems in place and they may be able to tell you if the iLink system will interface with the FM systems they have in place. Most all BTE’s can be fit with boots and interface with FM systems that are provided by the school district. FM systems are pretty expensive. The benefit of the iLink would be that the child can take the FM system with them to use in other settings (other than school) like scout meetings or after school art lessons where you may still want to employ a FM system for better listening in challenging situations.

I would check with the school audiologist first and get an idea of what he/she would recommend. It is a big big investment and be sure you know all the choices before purchasing.

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