Can a hearing aid be fix if cast is broken?

Question by lillia40: Can a hearing aid be fix if cast is broken?
My hearing aid was stepped on, can it be repaired.

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Answer by Ashley
Yes, it can as long as the electronics inside were not damaged. It will just need to be re-shelled. Take it either to the place you bought it, or to your current hearing care provider.
Check your contract to see if your hearing aid is still under warranty and what your warranty covers before taking the hearing aid in.
If you have a hearing aid style that fits completely in your ear (not a behind the ear style), the hearing aid provider will need to remake the mold. The hearing aid will have to be sent off to the manufacturer for repair.
Getting the hearing aid re-shelled will cost you a quite a bit, but no where near the cost of a new aid.
Another thing you might want to keep in mind if your hearing aid is a little older, is that it might be time to have it replaced anyway. If its been over a year since you had an audiogram, request a new test to see if your hearing has changed. Some hearing aid providers will give you a free hearing test or “hearing screening” for free in hopes that you will buy a new set of hearing aids. Also keep in mind that the technology of hearing aids has come a long way in the past 3-5 years, you may benefit more from the new technology than your old aid.

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