Can a baby with hearing loss startle at loud noises?

Question by : Can a baby with hearing loss startle at loud noises?
My daughter is almost 4 weeks old and didn’t pass the newborn hearing screening at the hospital when she was born. We were referred to an audiologist and had an appointment when she was 2 weeks old. The audiologist did an ABR test and an OAE test. She was diagnosed with a moderately severe (65 dB) hearing loss in her left ear and a severe (80 dB) hearing loss in her right. The audiologist determined that the loss is sensorineural in at least one ear. I’ve read that these tests are usually very accurate but she seems to hear better than I’d expect with those kind of results. She doesn’t startle when the dogs start barking but she still jumps at some loud sudden noises such as something dropping on a table or a scream. Is this still possible with that kind of hearing loss?

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Answer by Mary_Anne
Yes, of course it is possible. If she can hear 65 dB in one and 80dB in the other, then she CAN hear those loud noises. Newborns tend to be fairly sensitive to sound and do often startle. So even though it may not sound as loud to her, since it is much closer to her hearing threshold, she can still react to it.

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  1. Baby Boy 1-11-10 says:

    Obviously she can hear these things so yes it’s possible.

    Normally a person with hearing loss can hear vibrations instead, this is what your daughter may be hearing.

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