Callier to Get $630000 from Crystal Charity Ball for Hearing Aid Project

Callier to Get 0000 from Crystal Charity Ball for Hearing Aid Project
The Crystal Charity Ball has selected the Callier Center for Communication Disorders at UT Dallas to receive $ 630,000 for a project that will provide hearing aids and follow-up services to 360 children from low-income families in Dallas County over a …
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7 mind-blowing ways smart hearing aids can change your life
Even hearing aids are getting a high-tech upgrade, with brands like Siemens now making smart hearing aids. But how do you know if a smart hearing aid is for you? Check out the top seven features of smart hearing aids and see how they can redefine …

Hearing aids need routine maintenance
Rogan encourages her patients to bring their hearing aids in for a professional cleaning every six months, or more frequently if needed, which may extend the hearing aids' life. Typically, hearing aids need to be replaced every five years. Keeping ears …
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