Buying Hearing aids from US do save money?

Question by ravi_hamsa: Buying Hearing aids from US do save money?
I am in Bangalore, planning to buy an hearing aid. buying it to through one of my coleagues in US does save money for me?

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Answer by Hope Summer
hi, i just came across a website which might help with by buying or saving money for the hearing aid. I think its better you buy it from some one you know about this .Because even if you buy it is the US , if there is a problem with it , then your cheated .So i think it better you buy it from the place where your staying from .If you know a person from there , then you can buy it .

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  1. manjunath_empeetech says:

    I recommend you to visit the following place, where you can get Imported hearing aids, suitable for you.

    – Nayak,s Hearing Care Clinic,
    1/1, 12 th cross, Opp: SPR Reataurant,
    Near Bus Stop, Wilson Garden.
    Ph. 22237703

    You can get all Imported brands here, like Siemens,

    Another one is,

    Shreya Hearing Clinic,
    77, 13 th main, HAL 2nd stage Bangalore – 8 Ph. 25273311
    381, 13 th cross, UPO, SS Nagar, Bangalore – 80. Ph. 23618039.
    73, 30 th cross, 4 th block, Jayanagar, Ph. 26533057
    3308, 8 th cross, 13th main, HAL 2 nd stage, Ph. 25211572.

    You can get excellent service also.

    You can save some money, if you import it by avoiding the Customs duty. But if it does not fit to you ? you loose all money invested. More over, hearing aids are recommended, only after testing your problem, by a specialist in ENT, and according to the shape and size of your Ears. Hence buy an Imported, locally after a thorough check up. Good luck.

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