Best picks for your holiday electronics gift list

Best picks for your holiday electronics gift list
As contoured and futuristic as the most highly styled electronic device – or so discreet that they're virtually invisible – today's hearing aids are the high-tech “anti-aging” tool that can help keep life-loving Gen-Xers and baby boomers socially …
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New allegations against Oregon hearing aid salesman
Norma Anderson, 85, first sounded the alarm earlier this year, telling Bellevue Police that Roy Taber, of the Family Hearing Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, used deceptive practices to sell her nearly $ 2,800 worth of hearing aids that didn't work. Police …
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Cricket ears: The key to creating the perfect hearing aid?
New advances in hearing aids and medical imaging may be possible thanks to a tiny insect from the South American jungle, according to a study released Thursday. The South American bush cricket, also called the katydid, has some of the smallest ears of …
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