Best Hearing Aid quality? Is it Resound AZURE?

Question by Kim S: Best Hearing Aid quality? Is it Resound AZURE?
my son needs new aids and this is the first time we have purchased in 10+ years and they have went way up in price!!
he has a severe to profound loss in both ears. They are recommending the RESOUND AZURE $ 3000.00 each. He needs good aids as he is young and in business. Does anyone have any input? Are there other aids out there that are just as good but less expensive? Prices seems to be all over the place even on the same aids??

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Answer by Hearing Professional
$ 3000 each is about right for an Azure. They are very good aids in fact most aids by resound are very good in sound quality. It really is worth the investment as if he gets 5-8 years out of this pair it is worth it. If you go with less expensive the technology is not as good and so he will need new aids faster.

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  1. Ed H says:

    I think the price is about right for that product. I read that Azure is very good. However, I would also get a price from the Audiologist for the PHONAK Eleva. I would get a 2nd opinion and be sure that the person you are working with is an Audiologist.

    Interesting, found that Miss America wears Azure hearing aids I suppose she would wear the very best.

    One last thing, my neighbor’s son has hearing loss and Vocation Rehabilitaton here in Florida paid for his hearing aids. You may want to check to see if your state has a program like that.

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