best for baby, need some advice.?

Question by FoxxyMomma: best for baby, need some advice.?
What brand, style do you think is best for your baby, or any baby. I want the good stuff, price isn’t an option but I want to hear from other moms what works and what doesn’t so I don’t pay $ 100 for something that really is crap LOL.

First aid items, what did you use most, what could you not live with out?

Anything else you can think of that will help me, I’m just trying to figure out what I need. Also, any advice on anything else you simply couldn’t imagine doing without.

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Answer by Zeke’s Momma!! 10-14-08
Bottles: I loved the playtex drop ins, they work great and are not a hassle!

As for diapers, wipes and formula, He really likes the Target brand, Yes, they are cheaper but they work well- especially the diapers!

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  1. Terri says:

    Bottles – Playtex Venaire Advanced
    Diapers – Luvs
    Wipes – Target unscented
    Formula – Target
    First aid – Infant’s tylenol & diaper rash cream

    I also couldn’t live without my daughter’s bouncy chair and lighted music mobile for in the crib.

  2. scarlet begonias says:

    Bottles? None
    Diapers? Parents choice
    Wipes? Wet washcloths work best for me.
    Formula? NONE! This can go under the “what doesn’t work so you dont have to pay $ 100 dollars for something that is really crap”
    First aid items, what did you use most, what could you not live with out? Breasts.

  3. Gemma P says:

    Bottles, Avent…. Diapers, Pampers, Wipes, Johnsons, Formula, cow and gate, First aid, Savlon!

  4. Victoria's mommy says:

    bottles : playtex drop ins are my favourite
    diapers/wipes: pampers (have tried huggies didn’t like them as much)
    formula: I use Nestle Good Start, it was recommended to me and my little one has done fine on it.
    first aid items: aspirator, humidifier,baby nail clippers, thermometer, baby Tylenol are essentials and I am sure there are many more…

  5. don't be rude. says:

    Bottles? hollow bottles with liners. babies were so much happier when i had all the air squeezed out.
    Diapers? luvs are not not not good. if the baby happens to pee twice before you change the diaper they leak! huggies are okay. i used white cloud because they had john lennons song written on them. “imagine all the people living life in peace”
    Wipes? unscented, quilted, medium thickness.
    Formula? enfamil with lipil. dha & ara. Breast is best tho’
    First aid items, what did you use most, what could you not live with out? fever reducer when they had shots. A&D ointment… not paste or cream but the ointment is the absolute best for diaper rash. good for any mild abraision in fact. does not have antibacterial properties like neosporin but heals faster. good for adults too.

  6. lovin' my baby boy says:

    Bottles: Playtex Ventaire
    Diapers: Pampers–he leaked through everything else
    Wipes: Sams Club brand–you get 14 packs for 13 bucks!!!
    Formula: Only used Enfamil Lipil…tried switching to a cheaper brand, but his tummy couldn’t handle it.
    First aid: infant motrin, pedialyte, thermometer, fingernail clipper, nasal aspirator
    Other: boppy pillow, jumperoo once he was older…ummm that’s all I can think about right now!! Good luck!

  7. mrs.bardizzy says:

    This is what I have used and would suggest.
    Bottles – Playtex Drop – in (you can put your breast milk in the liners and freeze them)
    Diapers – I am a huge fan of the huggies
    Wipes – pampers sensative
    formula – similac
    Additional items – car seat (graco snugride)
    diaper bag – columbia baby backpack
    strollers – evenflo aura select travel system stroller

    Thats the things off the top of head!

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