Benefit aids town hit by rare tornado in Italy

Benefit aids town hit by rare tornado in Italy
“I think, tornadoes don't happen (in Italy),” she said of her initial reaction. “Then I started hearing more and seeing pictures.” The pictures revealed a horrific scene. The tornado – an EF4, the second-strongest category – leveled everything in its …
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South Sudan: Thousands risk starvation amid Nile blockade
JUBA, South Sudan — Aid agencies say thousands of civilians in South Sudan's Upper Nile state face starvation after the government blocked aid groups from using the Nile River to deliver relief food. The river is a transportation lifeline in a country …
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Six-year-old boy told to 'take off hearing aid to look smart for school photo'
Duke of Edinburgh seen wearing hearing aids for first time. She said: “He said he was embarrassed to wear it in front of his classmates and he never had been before. “Then when his pictures came he wasn't wearing it in them and he told me the school …

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