Beltone Hearing Aids?

Question by charmed1: Beltone Hearing Aids?
In Dec, my Great Grandather had to have his hearing aids worked on, he is in a nursing home, so my mom and I handle things for them. I took his hearing aids to the Local Beltone. Within a week one had returned but it was almost 2 weeks before we were informed that they had lost the other. The secretary called the office and informed us thaat they were going to replace the hearing aid at no cost. at the end of Feb, we were notified by the Dr, at the Local beltone, that there was an outstanding fee on the hearing aid repair, for the lost aid. This being after he went to the nursing home and told my great grandparents they owed him money and upset them greatly. We explained everything to him, and he said that the secretary shouldn’t have told us that it was free, she mis-spoke. After 2 days of going around and around with the Dr and Belton Coorporate office, I was directed to the man who owns our local beltone, and he said that we couldn’t have expected to have gotten a hearing aid for free, and was rather nasty about the situation. He said that the amount quoted to us was for a service charge for repairs made to the hearing aid, that was lost, and then two minutes later said it was the discounted cost for the actual new hearing aid it’s slef. Later he called me back, after having hung up on me, and said that he talked to his Dr at my local store and he was upset by the fact that he had upset my Great grandparents, and that he had misquoted the price of the repairs $ 55 because he had called from home with out an invoice infront of him. I asked for a copy of this invoice that we had never seen, he seemed shocked that i would want to see it, the invoice was dated Jan 20th 2009, the work was done in Dec, and the bill wasn’t sent until March 5th. Today we recieved another, this time the invoice is dated Jan 19th, and the it says a copy was sent on the 20th of Jan, which it never was.
I have contacted the Better Business Bureau about this and have yet to hear anything from them.
I am wondering what else can i do, because we were told 4 times, and once face to face, that there would be no charge for the hearing aid because they had lost it, and now they are stating we owe them, if i am told i am to get something free, then thats what i expect, if they would have delivered the old aid they lost, i could see paying for it, but they didn’t.
what else can i do get this situation taken care of?
If you need more information just ask, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
The hearing aid was replaced, and we were told it was at no cost, and now they say different. It was a Belrone hearing Aid and when i contacted the home office they said the local store sent it to another company for repairs and that is how it was lost.

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Answer by Tabologist
Better Business Bureau is a good idea but something needs to be done now so he can hear.

Was the hearing aid originally purchased at Beltone?
Do you know exactly how it was lost? In the office? During shipping to and from the manufacture?

If it was not a Beltone hearing aid, then Beltone will probably not be able to replace the aid. If it was lost during shipping then there is insurance automatically placed on the aid by the manufactuer and they will gladly replace the aid. If the repair charge was only $ 55 then it may not have needed to be sent away. My office charges $ 30 for repair in house and $ 250 if they need to be sent for repair (which includes a one-year warranty). If it was lost in the office and they’re treating you like this then you’re probably SOL. You could ask if they have a loaner aid until they can find his. It is illegal to sell used hearing aids so they may have something on hand they will call “Loaner aid” and I would expect to pay for the cost of the repair.

There may be other options. If his insurance covers hearing aids then he may be eligable for new ones. Most insurances don’t though. If he is struggling financially then there are ogranizations like the Lions Club and the Starkey Foundation that offer BIG discounts. If he is a veteran then the VA hospital may be able to help. And if he can afford it then I would take him someplace different. Look for an Ear, Nose & Throat Physician with an Audiologist on staff. Avoid those big name-brand chain stores. You can get a pair of basic hearing aids for around $ 2000. If he has the funds then it’s worth it to have hearing. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to live in a nursing home, then take away your hearing and ability to communicate – it must be terribly frustrating for him.

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