Baby fitted with hearing aid hears for first time

Baby fitted with hearing aid hears for first time
Elijah has now had his hearing aid for six weeks and has been discovering his new sound-filled environment. "He smiles a lot more, in response to our voices," his mother said. "His coos sound much more in line with his developmental stage now.

Why This Tiny Device Is A Huge Win For Personal Style
"My grandmother was always looking for a more fashionable cane or hearing aid, but options were limited," says Ari Seth Cohen, Advance Style's creator. "When Audicus approached me about doing a project together, I knew that this was a perfect way to …
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Starkey Korea donates hearing aid to Korean War veteran
Starkey Korea CEO Shim Sang-don gave Speakman the firm's newest invisible hearing aid called SoundLensV at Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Thursday. "The company decided to give the donation after Speakman was recognized as being hard of hearing during the …
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