As we age, hearing loss is common – but quite treatable

As we age, hearing loss is common – but quite treatable
There are many other causes of hearing loss too, including head injury, stroke, tumors, medications, autoimmune disorders, congenital defects and, finally, ear infections, for which the associated hearing loss is often temporary. “There are two kinds …

Trouble hearing? You may have an ear infection
The production of excessive mucus can block the Eustachian tubes; you can experience a temporary hearing loss known as conductive hearing loss, where sounds become muffled or indistinct. The space in the middle ear, behind the eardrum, is filled with …
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4 Big Reasons Your Expenses Could Rise In Retirement
These include most dental care, eye exams, hearing aids and routine foot care, among others. So you probably should build some … The reduced 7.5% threshold for seniors is a temporary exemption that will expire in 2016. 3. Taxes Your income may …
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