Are you now or will you ever be an audiophile?

Are you now or will you ever be an audiophile?
An aside: Only real problem: age and loud music have claimed much of my hearing, but low "C" pedal 32-foot register on a cathedral organ and the eight twin-15" bass bins in the club share one attribute – you don't need ears to experience them. You feel …
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Should 50% Of A Teachers Performance Evaluation Be Based On Student Test
Critics of the system like National Education Association Las Cruces President Patrick Sanchez say the excessive rigor and frequency of high stakes testing is crowding out meaningful learning, leaving students disengaged and driving talented teachers …
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A Local Authority v M & Others [2014] EWCOP 33
The note also records that he had been uncooperative at the hearing test that day. … The assessors were able to establish some eye contact and record during testing but concluded that M needed a fuller developmental assessment. …… "projectile …
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