are there such things as dog hearing aids?

Question by rvlax28: are there such things as dog hearing aids?
my dog is losing his hearing, and it’s very important to us because he needs to bark when someone comes in. he used to, but over the past few months he doesn’t even come downstairs or even wake up when we come home. tonight i was getting out of the shower and my dog was right outside the bathroom. (really, like only 3 feet away) and didn’t even hear the door open right next to him. we need a way to get his hearing back. any way possible. please help

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Answer by DaveSFV
I’ve never heard of hearing aids for dogs. Lose of hearing is normal in aging dogs. Have your dog evaluated by your vet to be certain that is is a normal condition. Of course with enough money anything is possible.

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  1. IceBreaker27 says:

    No. Even if there was, most dogs would probably damage the ear trying to get it out. Lose of hearing is common in senior dogs, as with older humans.

    Start teaching him sign commands and consider getting a special collar device for deaf dogs. Dealing with deaf dogs really isn’t that hard, I promise!

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