Are there other musicians out there that are losing their hearing?

Question by VirtueOfIntolerance: Are there other musicians out there that are losing their hearing?
I’ve had Meniere’s disease for about 11 years now and my hearing is pretty much gone. Although I can hear the sounds loud enough with a hearing aid, everything sounds like S H I T. Just noise. I’ve been playing the piano and other instruments for 32 years, (I’m 38) but I haven’t been able to listen to music (on and off it comes and goes) for about 5 years. Lately it just gets worse and doesn’t get any better.
I’d like to hear your stories.

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15 Responses to “Are there other musicians out there that are losing their hearing?”

  1. uyutrtrcjygvk says:

    keep music as low as you can hear it. you should of learn to protect your ears from the begining

  2. super.lola69 says:

    my brother plays guitar, and he can hardly hear. hes always played rock, which i love.

  3. John C says:

    James Taylor

  4. soda+icecream says:

    oh im sorry, but ive been playing the piano. and i stil have my hearing, and i play some clarinet and some dulcimer… but i have a violin but im no good at it… but i wish u the best.

  5. Jon P says:

    whats was that???? sorry couldn’t hear you???? to many years of banging away on my drumset.

  6. SmartySlacks says:

    i play electric guitar, but mainly just for my own amusement… but my hearing is starting to become a little less acute due to my frequent attendance of punk shows.

  7. yogangel7 says:

    Take heart Pete Townsend talked about it and so have members of Rolling Stones and Mettalica. In the big pic even Beethoven went through it too. Keep playing.

  8. Danny says:

    I don’t have your problem,but you have my sympathies.I have no musical skills,but I still couldn’t imagine a life without being able to hear music.I don’t know where my love of music comes from,as neither of my parents were really fans.But I LOVE music!
    My heart goes out to you!

  9. mickey says:

    I am…I been playing the guitar for a bit now, and I guess I’ve had my amp too loud and too close to me…so now, I can barely hear someone talking within five feet of me. Also, since I probably played shows without any hearing protection, I’m also losing my hearing from that. Everything sounds okay if I play loud enough, but I’m also starting to get tinnitus. it’s pretty bad.

  10. talk_eddy says:

    Sorry to hear that Pablo. It must seem like one of life’s unfair ironic jokes. Hang in there, though. You are lucky in that you know what music sounds like. You were not born deaf. And remember, Beethoven composed Ode to Joy while completely deaf and it is the best piece of music ever composed. No one ever came close to getting it with or without there hearing. Good luck from a fellow ivory banger.

  11. matt m says:

    I’m a former band player and I listen to music
    loud at home and when i D.J. and my hearing
    is gone bad to
    Depending on how far bad it’s gone ;You mite
    be able to recover or get a dr. to help.
    What I’ve done is; TURN THE MUSIC DOWN
    to where i can just hear it. I’m think it ‘s working
    When a song comes on i what to hear loud
    I allow 1 desble higher but I have saved what’s left
    of my ears. dr. said my hearing is a littel better but not
    much. good luck

  12. whoknew says:

    Yes, I’ve lost much of sounds over 2000 CPS. I’m a piano player and never had to play in front of speakers; just old age hitting where it hurts!
    I wear hearing aids now most of the time too, but not when I’m playing. Stubborn.

  13. divacobian says:

    My sister has the same problem, we are a musician family, so you can imagine how sad was to know she was hearing a half tune lower in her right ear. She went immediately to the audiologist and he told her she needs a hearing aid to make her hearing normal again.

    So, I would highly recommend you to go to a professional right now. The problem with the audition is, if you don’t treat your ear soon you will keep loosing your hearing.

    Good Luck

  14. musicaangelica says:

    I’ve noticed that my hearing is not as good in my right ear as it is in my left ear, and I think it’s from playing the piccolo for 11 years. That high pitched sound right by my ear can’t be good.

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