Are there other kinds of hearing aids?

Question by Melanie P: Are there other kinds of hearing aids?
Are there other kinds of hearing aid for my type of hearing loss? i’m 24 i was born with a hearing loss. i have a severe hearing loss in my left ear the nerve is damaged. i hear normally in my right ear. i wore hearing aids from the time i was 5 until 15. the ones i wore were those big BTE hearing aids. are there other kinds of hearing aids besides the BTE? i often didn’t like the BTE kind because i didn’t want people to see them. would the ITE in the ear work ok for a nerve loss?

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Answer by Tabologist
How were your speech discrimination scores?

Is your discrimination is good then an ITE aid would be fine. There are small hearing aids available for severe losses. I found that a company named Starkey does the best fit for severe losses in CIC (Completely In the Canal) Hearing aids.

If your speech discrimination scores were poor you may want to look at a CROSS aid. I like Phonak’s wireless CROSS system.

When you chose an audiologist make sue he/she works with several different companies.

Good Luck!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Hey, I don’t know the answer but my best friend is deaf and she says that she loves the site Advice on Hearing Aids. Apparently they give tons of information about hearing aids and hearing loss and actually Audiologists are the ones who answer the questions. Hope that helps

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