Are there any hearing aids, that are 100% visible?

Question by shy girl: Are there any hearing aids, that are 100% visible?
I was wondering if there are any kind of hearing aids, that you cant see not. I wear the digital ones, which are really small, but if I do wear my hair up, you will be able to see. Also, how about a surgery? I am only 21 years old, I feel like maybe a surgery might help me out, or even some hearing aids that maybe go all the way inside the canal.

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Answer by TweetyBird
I cannot recommend surgery because I have no idea what kind of hearing loss you have. I suggest you stop in and have a chat with someone where you got the aids you currently use. There are so many great aids these days.

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  1. donkim000 says:

    Hey jess,
    I’m an audiologist and I get questions like yours all the time. First of all, I can’t make any suggestions as to what type of aid would be most suitable for your hearing loss because I have not seen your audiogram. With that said…

    There are several types of surgically implanted hearing devices: Cochlear Implants, bone-anchored hearing aids, Middle ear implants. You can ask your audiologist or hearing healthcare professional about these devices.

    They are also currently doing research and testing for a surgically implantable hearing aid for individuals with sensorineural hearing loss. Not out yet.

    Several research groups are also doing stem cell research in an attempt to regenerate some of the dead/damaged haircells in your inner ear. Not out yet..

    So, that brings us to hearing aids. The cosmetic appeal of hearing aids have much improved since the days of the bulky/boxy behind the ear hearing aids. First, the CIC (completely-in-the-canal hearing aid) is the one that is most widely advertised as being invisible! It sits deep in your ear canal and actually requires a little removal line to get it out of your ears. Second, the OTE (over-the-ear) hearing aids have been a HUGE hit lately. Mainly made for high frequency sensorineural hearing losses, these OTE aids have a tiny behind the ear piece attached to a VERY thin tube that is attached to a tiny dome that sits in your ear canal. I actually think that this is more cosmetically appealing that the CIC aids.

    Anyways, I would consult your audiologist with these questions as he/she may have a better understanding of your situation and needs and can make the most appropriate recommendations for you. Hope this helps!

    Dr. Don

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