Are hearing aids hard to get used to?

Question by Dustin Y: Are hearing aids hard to get used to?
My hearing has been going down for years. It has gotten to the point where I can barely hear women and children talking. To make matters worse, I have started developing tinnitus :(.

Anyways, are hearing aids hard to get used to? How often do you have to replace the batteries?

I am supposed to see an audiologist soon. I just wanted to be prepared.

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2 Responses to “Are hearing aids hard to get used to?”

  1. Chrys says:

    ask him/her…depends on the type/model you get.

  2. ev says:

    there have been so many advances in hearing aid technology that they are very easy to forget they are there. in fact, a player for the seattle mariners’ minor league AAA affiliate even has hearing aids in both ears because of his troubles, but is completely functional. as for how often the batteries must be changed, i’m unfamiliar, but you should have no worries about getting used to them or looking awkward in public.

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