Apple Music is off to an excellent start.

Apple Music is off to an excellent start.
Apple has opened the door to a world of music and music discovery with a service that combines the best of streaming with the depth of existing music collections owned by the biggest digital music purchasers on the planet, iTunes users. Real music fans …
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Global X Funds (NYSEARCA:GREK) Flies Upward, Jim Cramer Say Slow Down
“Before the referendum, no further talks on an aid programme can take place,” Merkel told the press on Wednesday. Despite the EU remaining strong on its refusal to … That's been his mood all week as he has sought to follow the Greek crisis and advise …
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SeniorPlace Happenings
There are many different hearing aids on the market today, so how does anyone know which brand to pick or what style of hearing device is best? Amy Swain will be on hand at 10 a.m. on Aug. 5, talking about all the different styles of hearing aids and …

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