Appeals Court Rules Drug Test for Welfare Unconstitutional

Appeals Court Rules Drug Test for Welfare Unconstitutional
Despite repeated court decisions finding that the welfare drug testing law is unconstitutional, Scott and his lawyers have refused to back down from their position that the urine tests are needed to make sure poor children don't grow up in drug-riddled …
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Holiday toy safety: hidden dangers in popular toys
The agency's shoppers purchased a set of foam blocks marketed to children two and up that contained multiple small parts that fit into a choke test cylinder. They also identified multiple … Excessive noise exposure can lead to hearing loss. This is …
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What It's Like to Lose Your Vision and Hearing in Your 20s
A year later, when Megan was 3.5 years old and still not talking, her mom took her to an organization that catered to deaf children. They tested Megan and discovered that she had 80 percent hearing loss. It was heartbreaking, but also a relief: Given …
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