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  1. Mr. Robert J. Rineer "Bob R" says:
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    Still Fine Tuning, July 25, 2013
    Mr. Robert J. Rineer “Bob R” (Hillsboro, OR USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sound World Solutions CS10 Bluetooth Series Personal Sound Amplifier (Left) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Before buying this unit, it would probably be a good idea to have a hearing test so you can tell how much hearing loss you have by frequency range – if it is the same across the entire frequency range, then you only need to worry about how to set up the master volume and environment.

    I have had mid and high frequency hearing loss in both ears for 30 years. A recent check indicated no change but the bill to get a dual hearing aid solution sounded like $3,000+. Before making that big leap, I decided to try a solution at 10% of the cost. One user suggested getting a unit for your worst ear, so I followed the advice (I have no idea if that is the right strategy or not).

    If you are going to use this to manage inconsistent loss over the frequency spectrum, you must have a way to access the app on an Android phone. After setting the total volume gain and select from one of three listening environments, you then fine tune with the app. This allows you to adjust the volume within a frequency range identified as treble, mid-range, and bass. Because I have mid/treble loss, the app allows you to adjust these ranges +/_ independently. While I have my recent hearing test results, I have been reasonably cautious about over doing the frequency adjustment. As I have not heard the missing frequencies for years, I am going to work the gain up over time.

    Note that the phone app is also critical for changing the listing environment on the fly – for example, I normally have the unit set up using #1 (normal locations) but shift to #3 when in entertainment venues. While available for Android, it does not appear to be available for iPhone users.

    If you went the conventional hearing aid route, the audiologist would do the set up for you, so having to work it out yourself is a bit of a downside.

    The rechargeable batteries are an excellent plus and makes you wonder why the hearing aid folks have not come up with solutions beyond just buying a new battery. Probably has to do with vanity as we try to keep hearing units invisible so no one will know. I pretend mine is a Bluetooth unit for my phone (it is) and ignore any curious glances.

    The batteries definitely last 8 hours+ and having a replacement available with the dual battery charging stand is an outstanding solution.

    The packaging is well designed and a small carrying case is provided to hold the hearing unit and 2 batteries.

    I did have occasion to contact Sound World Solutions directly about a tech issue and they extremely friendly and helpful. At this point, they seem like a modestly sized operation, but my guess is they may not stay that way.

    As I continue to use the unit, I will update this review.

    Update 1 – I attended a lecture tonight and used environment 2 mode. I boosted the mid and treble frequencies by 3 DB – and by moving the CS10 in and out of my ear, I was able to confirm that the CS10 in ear mode made the speaker sound clearer. Not a huge win – but noticeable.

    A word about the Android app – you can control the environment 1/2/3 status without the app by tapping the button on the end of the CS10 (not the volume button but the other one). I am 73 and find it hard to do this efficiently, but if you do not have access to the app on a phone, this will work.

    I do not think there is an alternative to adjusting volume of the treble/mid/bass on the fly without the app, but note the app can be loaded on an iMac or Windows device with Bluetooth capability. So if you do not mind only making the adjustment occasionally or you carry your compatible device with you, you do not need the phone app.

    Update 2

    I had the sense I was trying to over compensate for my mid/treble 20 DB hearing loss, so I contacted Sound World Solutions for some advice. A live person picked up immediately and transferred me to tech support. After explaining my situation, he suggested that I set the bass at minus 3, leave the mid/treble at zero, and adjust the volume as required. This is because there appears to be a boost built in for all ranges, so this starting point was to compensate for my particular situation by removing the auto bass boost already built in. It was also suggested that the ear needs several weeks to adjust to the CS10 – so leave the settings as is until the ear break in period is over.

    Update 3 (Final)

    I have become quite comfortable with my CS10 and its ability to help me through the day. It allows me to adjust the volume of what I hear and boosts the output of mid/treble frequencies, where I have the highest level of loss. I find it to be especially useful at entertainment venues, like watching a movie or going to a concert. At least for the time being, I am no longer considering investing in a hearing aid.

    It has been brought to my attention that there is another unit branded as RCA available on…

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  2. David Jewell says:
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    Improved hearing, April 25, 2013
    David Jewell (Evanston, IL) –

    The CS10 has improved my ability to hear when people are speaking softly. I work in a noisy environment: lots of customers in the store, music playing overhead. When people–customers or other staff members–speak to me, or to a group I’m part of, they generally raise their voices to penetrate the ambient noise. Without hearing assistance, I look directly at the speaker in order to gather as much as I can from their voice, but also by lip-reading and following their gestures. I still miss some or much of what they are saying. When I didn’t hear, either they are speaking softly, or the noise is too much for my diminished hearing. I used to “nod and smile” a lot when I don’t hear what someone was saying. This was embarrassing when they were asking me a question that I didn’t get.

    I’ve been looking for help to overcome hearing loss for several years. A friend pointed me to the CS10. I tried it out over the past year while the instrument was in development. I wear it every day in my weaker ear. It balances the sound so that I now hear a much higher percentage, and rarely miss a question, and can answer what someone asks me. The CS10 is light-weight and comfortable to wear. Battery life has improved so that one battery always lasts an entire work day, even if I put in some overtime. I can easily adjust it for the size of the group I’m in, and increase or reduce the volume as needed with a quick button push.

    A side benefit is its use as a bluetooth headset with my iPhone. I ride the “L” train to work, and can conduct a phone conversation with ease in a noisy rail car. It’s a hands-free device when I’m driving. I’m pleased to own the CS10. It’s a modestly priced, well designed and manufactured, reliable and sturdy device that improves my hearing.


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