Any one still have a 3M hearing aid?

Question by Jackolantern: Any one still have a 3M hearing aid?
I still wear one after 15 years. Do any one know where one can get them repaired? The company sold their rights shortly after I bought mine.
I live in the USA.
and the people here wan’t to sell you a new aid. And not help with an old out dated one.

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Answer by WooleyBooley again
Contact any local hearing aid office and ask. May be such old technology it can’t be repaired, or will cost as much to fix as a current equivalent.

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5 Responses to “Any one still have a 3M hearing aid?”

  1. Wise Man says:

    Eh? Wha’d he say?

  2. Willow says:

    Sorry, no. Invest in one of the new digital aids and compare the difference, they are not cheap but are well worth the money. Some companies offer payment plans, check out their apr.
    Failing that, they are available on the NHS but you may have to wait a while, how long you wait depends on how much you pester them.
    Good luck.

  3. scourged4u says:

    Not where I live now. Everyone has perfect hearing.

    Forgive others as I have forgiven you.

  4. Bill P says:

    i bet that is the one you have to tape to your ear!

  5. Half Drawn Boy says:

    I worked in a 3M medical branch when I was at uni in Loughborough. I’ll get in touch with a few guys that are still there. Do you live in the UK?

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