Amy Schumer's enjoying the moment

Amy Schumer's enjoying the moment
Q: On your TV show, you play different characters named Amy, and in your standup act I think many people are not sure about where the blurred line is between real you and the exaggerated-for-effect you. You're insecure, you're highly … Somehow …
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UN: More than 2500 killed in eastern Ukraine fighting
Human Rights Watch said pro-Russian insurgents in eastern Ukraine are "regularly" detaining and torturing civilians. US President Barack Obama has warned that Russia faces 'more costs and consequences' if it continues to aid rebels in eastern Ukraine.
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Documentary by Fox Point native revisits Watergate
in the hearing room in Washington on “The Dick Cavett Show” on Aug. 1, 1973. … He is looking for distribution for "I Hope You Dance," a documentary about the power of music, and is working on a film about John Coltrane, inspired by Ugandan orphans …
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