All ears for breakthrough on deafness

All ears for breakthrough on deafness
Dr Flanagan will talk about surgical options for hearing aids — Cochlear's bionic ear and the bone anchored hearing aid. The meeting will be held at Sutherland United Services Club, 7 East Parade, Sutherland at 10.30am on Saturday, February 23.
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Healthy Memphis: Prosthetics improving to replace lost limbs, parts
They may include implanted eye lenses, inner ear (cochlear) implants, heart valves, spinal discs, breasts, hips, knee and ankle joints, jaw joints and more. The number of people needing artificial … These include lightweight but strong titanium or …
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'Bionic eye' implant restores sight
… retina are integrated into the chip. It has 1,500 light-sensing diodes and small electrodes that stimulate the overlying nerves to create a pixellated image. Apart from a hearing aid-like device behind the ear, you would not know a patient had one …
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