Aftershokz AS300 Wraparound Sport Headphones with Bone Conduction Technology – Dark Gray

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  1. P. Peterson says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Great Great for runners ***, March 6, 2012
    P. Peterson (Media, PA USA) –

    This review is from: Aftershokz AS300 Wraparound Sport Headphones with Bone Conduction Technology – Dark Gray (Electronics)

    I ordered these as soon as they were released and have been using them ever since. I will not go back to other headphones for running. The two biggest features for me are 1. sweat does not cause any problems, and because they are not in your ears you sweat less. 2. the ability to hear outside noises if you need to. I run both inside on a track and outside, Its nice to not have to pull the ear buds to hear a comment from someone.

    I also feel that these are better for my hearing, on noisy indoor tracks I need to have the volume up loud and my ears appreciate the use of the bone technology.

    I have been using them for about a month so far and think that these will easily last twice as long as other headphones because of the lack of damage caused by sweat.

    The person who gave them a 3 for no volume control is commenting on the wrong product, these have a volume control.

    7/20/2012 UPDATE: stopped working after 3 months, would not charge (red light stays on, on charger) submitted support request via the aftershockz web form, heard nothing at all back. Then few days later called and left a message, both times leaving email and phone, heard NOTHING AT ALL. So the company support on this product is not good. I will update this if I hear back at all.
    But for now I would NOT buy this unless you only want it for a few months.

    7/20/2012 UPDATE: they got back to me by email today and it seems like they are sending new ones. I will update this again.

    8/22/2012 UPDATE: had me send them back to them, but have not heard from them. when I asked what was going on they said they are working on making their support better and do plan to send me a pair that works. will update when I get them

    9/11/2012 UPDATE: the good and the bad, true to the warranty, the company sent new headphones,… and then the next day another set arrived, was going to send the extra pair back, went running with the first new pair,
    I LOVE these head phones, but then the next day they failed again, brand new (at least i think) stopped working. So… I think the flaw is that the clip that houses the power and volume, that is designed to clip to your shirt at the neck, is not water resistant. So if you sweat, the water runs down the cord to this box and leaks in, and shorts them out, some resist water better than others. I plan to let the company know they sent me two pairs and send the second broken ones back and try the next pair… I think if they come out with a new design that seals this better I will TOTALLY buy them. until then I may try to water proof this area myself somehow.

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  2. Toast Girl says:
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    Must explain… interesting product, April 26, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Aftershokz AS300 Wraparound Sport Headphones with Bone Conduction Technology – Dark Gray (Electronics)

    At first, I thought this product was a scam. I charged the headphones, (which takes 3 hours the first time, and then you get 15 hours of performance), plugged them in, turned on the music, and heard the music clearly without even holding them near my head. Urg! I was expecting full bone conduction, and that isn’t quite how it works.

    Here is what I have figured out:

    1. The headphones produce 2 types of sound: air-produced (what I’m used to), and bone-conduction (the new thing and why I bought these)
    2. Although I can hear the music when holding the headphones up to my ear like regular headphones, that air-produced sound is greatly reduced when I put the phones on my head against the bone as per instructions.
    3. When I wear the phones as per instructions, they don’t sound that good with regular audio settings. I made several adjustments and the sound quality was MUCH better.
    3a. I use Realtek HD Audio Manager. Within that, I turned on “Ear Protection” which is a sound compression/limiter thing that I don’t understand. Normally it makes headphones sound muffled, but with these it actually improved the sound.
    3b. Then I turned the “sound effects” setting from “room” to “under water”. Again, this normally turns music into muffled garbage, but here it made it much better.
    4. What I discovered about the above sound changes was that the less air-produced sound you pump out of the headphone, the more bone conduction sound you get, and the better the headphones sound. So, what would normally make your headphones sound like muffled garbage is a good thing here.
    5. The further that I get the phones away from my ear canal, the better they sound,(within reason -about 2 inches away instead of 1/2″)
    6. If the phones are pressed comfortably-firmly against the boney area, the sound transmits much better. And this leads me to the negative side of things, and the reason why I didn’t give the phones 5 stars.
    7. The headphone holder is 100% nonadjustable. I have a narrow head, so it is difficult for me to have adequate pressure of the phones against my head. If I push on them a little, the sound is noticeably improved. There is no way to adjust them this way permanently.
    8. Plugging your ears actually makes the headphones sound better! By plugging your ears, you eliminate 100% of the air-produced sound, and you can even better enjoy the bone-conduction sound. Not that you want your ears plugged all the time, and not that they need to be to enjoy these headphones, but it’s interesting that they work this way. If you wear earplugs for work, you can wear these headphones at the same time and enjoy music.
    9. You can also place the phones on the back of the skull and hear the music perfectly well even with your ears plugged. Impractical? Completely.

    In summary, I would buy these again. I’ve been showing them off and thoroughly enjoying them. The sound quality is good, but be prepared to experiment a little to get it that way. The holder does not put the phones in the correct place for all head shapes and sizes, which is a medium minus -placement is important, but not critical. Even without perfect placement, the phones are quite useable, but I do have to push them back into place fairly often. There is a volume control on the headphones (several comments say there isn’t one, so that must be a recent change).


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