Affordable Hearing Aid Maker iHear Raises $5M Series C

Affordable Hearing Aid Maker iHear Raises M Series C
iHear Medical, which makes affordable hearing aids that users can customize at home, has raised $ 5 million in a Series C round led by Lighthouse Capital, a Shanghai-based venture capital firm that focuses on medical devices. Japanese electronics maker …
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MSU volleyball player not slowed by hearing loss
"I think if I was going to say anything to any child who has hearing aids," Ryian said, "I would just say, 'Worry about being a kid. People are going to accept you for who you are or who you aren't. And if people don't accept you for having hearing …
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FEMA to some Sandy victims: Return aid cash
Tango, now living in Holiday City at Silverton in Toms River, has filed an appeal and asked for a hearing with FEMA. She is perplexed by the demand to repay $ 15,500, since her records indicate she received $ 11,799 from the agency. A paralegal who is on …
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