A Stroll Down Memory Lane: July 8, 2015

A Stroll Down Memory Lane: July 8, 2015
#Increased growth in Butts County was testing the sewer system capacity, leading some developers to ask the county government for alternative ways to handle waste. #Deaths during the week: … #Following discussion and a public hearing, the Jackson …
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Polish video game 'The Witcher' enchants world
Around 40 video game developers sit in the open-plan office located in a 1970s building by a noisy expressway in an industrial part of town. They are all men, most of them bearded, and under 30. Dressed in faded T-shirts and jeans, they are busy coding …
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Royal commission hearing: Bill Shorten needs to keep an eye on that tightrope
Labor, and organised labour, work closely together, and the industrial arm of the movement contributes resources to the campaigns of sitting and prospective MPs and senators. Further, companies seeking industrial peace have, on occasion, contributed to …
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Finance ministry refutes 100 fils gas price increase reports
US authorities are scheduled to hold a hearing for the Kuwaiti Gitmo detainee, Fayez Al- Kandary, today pending a final ruling after 12 years of detention without being tried by a court of law. Notably, Citizen Fayez … Municipal Council member Ahmed …
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