50 cent yard sale painting being sold for thousands

50 cent yard sale painting being sold for thousands
Batesville, IN (WXIN) — When Jesse Ronnebaum purchased an old, tattered painting from a yard sale about a decade ago, he convinced the owner to take 50 cents for the piece of art instead of the $ 1 sticker price. Today, he probably wouldn't haggle over …
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Wild turkeys at the bird feeder
This was one of the nights I woke up at 4 am so I made coffee and started writing this column. I saw on television last week a volunteer was delivering a meal to a house bound lady. It made me so proud of the senior services we have here in Clermont …
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Multiphysics brings the real world into simulations
Multiphysics is a field that needs integration, says Bjorn Sjodin, vice president of product management at Comsol: “People used to try and stitch these packages together using file imports but this is very cumbersome. … Arguably, the original …
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