10 pts for help (best answer)! I cant decide which phone, red walkman w580i or red blackjack 2…help!?

Question by thekoala101: 10 pts for help (best answer)! I cant decide which phone, red walkman w580i or red blackjack 2…help!?
here is the link that compares them: http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/compare-cell-phones/?LOSGId=&_requestid=19090
and here is some info:
walkman w580i:
2.0 MP camera with 4x zoom
Video recording and playback
Walkman® media player with Shake Control
Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 technology with A2DP
AT&T music folder listen to MP3s or streaming radio
FM Radio with customizable station presets
Multimedia messaging – Send text, photos, and sounds
Memory Stick Micro(TM) expandable memory slot
Mobile email – AOL®, Yahoo!® and MSN®
Download ringtones, games, & graphics
Colored light effects for caller ID
Pedometer and fitness applications
Preloaded games like PacMan & Ms. Pacman
Identify songs playing with Track ID(TM)
Versatile slim slider design
Quad-band world phone
MEdiaNet web browser
Rated for Hearing Aids: M3, T3
sounds cool, but easily breakable.
Black jack 2:
Microsoft® Windows Mobile 6 Standard(TM)
AT&T Mobile Music and Cellular Video capable
Windows Media Player® 10 Mobile
Bluetooth® 2.0® wireless connectivity
Simultaneous voice and data capabilities
Quad-band world phone with tri-band UMTS/HSDPA
Slim design PDA with full QWERTY keyboard
2 MP camera with video recording
Microsoft® Direct Push for real-time email delivery
Microsoft Office Mobile® – Edit Word® and Excel®, view PowerPoint® files
Email – Xpress Mail, ActiveSync, and more
Synchronize your desktop and calendar wirelessly
Instant Messaging – AOL®, Windows Live®, Yahoo!®
GPS support for TeleNav Navigator
Hands-free loudspeaker and microphone
Large 2.4″color LCD screen
Video Share calling support
Fast loading HTML browser
Support for Mobile Backup
MEdiaTM Net capable
RSS Reader

IT HAS A FULL QWERTY KEYBOARD!! really awesome for texting which i plan to do alot, but the w580i has more features.is the walkman w580i breakable?
please, if you have either phone, add any concerns you have about your phone or any pros and cons or any experiences … 🙂
I would loveeeee to have the blackjack 2, but it doesnt have as many features as the blackjack, most oof my friends dont have texting…i think i may want to go with the walkman, if its durable. they also just got this awesome red color…

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Answer by lilnino
i dont know all sound good get the walkman

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9 Responses to “10 pts for help (best answer)! I cant decide which phone, red walkman w580i or red blackjack 2…help!?”

  1. kav1995 says:


  2. Brian Griffin says:

    if i were you, id get the one with the qwerty keyboard because its like sleek and u dont have to take forever to text. i have a qwerty keyboard and i love how i can type quick and i dont have to press 7 four times before a S comes out.

  3. Rosedolphin101 says:

    I would go with the blackjack … y spend money on a phone that could break easily??

  4. Nikekid says:


  5. Pilgrim P says:

    blackjack 2 for me !

  6. evan_ae77 says:

    i have owned both phones. i sold the blackjack and bought the ericsson, but get the blackjack the only down side is it turns on and off very slowly.

  7. mr_oilfield_78 says:

    I have the Walkman w580i and love it. I dropped it in my dogs water bowl a few weeks ago and it still works. I had to let it dry out of course.

    The texting isn’t great so if you plan on doing a lot of that then I would go with the blackjack as like you mentioned it has the better keypad for it.

    I would suggest that you go to an actual AT&T retail store and see if they have them on display and use them for a call or two to see which one feels better to you when talking on it.

  8. slmolevhqlbxv says:

    i have the walkman and my cousin has the blackjack. while the black jack has more feautures to begin with, u can download a ton more really cool feautres (absolutely free) to your sony ericsson w580i.
    also, the w580 doesnt hav that good texting, but its not easily breakable, despite what you hear. I dropped my phone in a toilet, solid concrete, and much more, but its still in perfect condition. the sliding mechanism also never wears out too.

  9. ☼ HCO☼ 1922 says:

    y do u ask this q about tht stupid ugly fone twice???

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